Lacy’s Magic Trees is a children’s picture book I’m working on. The beginning and select illustrations can be found here.

Lacy's Magic Trees
Lacy’s Magic Trees
Sending a Message

Sending a Message
Sending a Message

A collection of short stories that may or may not evolve into a book. We’ll see where this goes. It’s about Alba and Theo: talented, magic-using twenty-somethings trying to clean up the non-magic streets in spite of a magical bureaucracy that seems to resent new blood. New episodes will show up periodically in my blog intermingled with all the other random stuff that pops into my head.


A Fear of Unknown is my YA fantasy novel. Think of it as the anti-Twilight meets Hermione at the Jedi temple. The synopsis and chapter one can be found here.

A Fear of Unknown


About the Author

L.F. Sarrouf is a writer and illustrator based in North Adams, MA.  She is a second degree black belt and women’s education enthusiast dedicated to stories that empower girls and young women.2012-03-23 17.34.37

Published fiction publishing credits include Allegory E-zine, Aoife’s Kiss, The Fifth Dimension, Long Story Short and the UK’s Morpheus Tales.

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