L.F. Sarrouf used to be in marketing and PR and worked for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Storey Publishing and KB Toys. She had her own small marketing business for a while working with small local non-profits on grass roots campaigns. Now she’s a paralegal with the largest and oldest law firm in Berkshire County, Donovan & O’Connor. She’s done a bit of short story writing on the side and is currently working on editing a young adult fantasy novel focused on girls’ self-esteem and drawing on her martial arts studies. (Kind of the anti-Twilight meets Hermione at the Jedi temple.) The beginning of the rough draft is available on the “A Fear Unknown” pages here (upper right corner). Lately, though, it’s been all about #SaveSweetBriar. Lenora “Lion” Farrington-Sarrouf ’942012-03-23 17.34.37

Published fiction publishing credits include Allegory E-zine, Aoife’s Kiss, The Fifth Dimension, Long Story Short and the UK’s Morpheus Tales.