Stranger People

The train stopped. Strange people got off. Stranger people got on. The train moved.

The train stopped. A woman talking to herself. A man with rats in a cage. A woman with a giant painting of herself. A man in a dress. A woman with a cutting board and onion, which she proceeded to cut as the train moved forward. A man in cardstock, blue and red 3D glasses. A woman dressed as a toy soldier. A man dressed as a penis. A man in a banana hammock. A woman with two rats not in a cage.

Alba sunk down pulled her hood over her eyes and focused on her phone. First the red dot was catching up to the blue dot, then the blue dot joined the red, then they traveled together.

They reached their destination and Alba followed an older woman off the train onto an otherwise empty station. A tall man exited from the other side of the train just before it departed. The tall man turned to Alba and shouted in their twin speech.

“Is this her?”

“This is her,” Alba answered and the woman looked up, not understanding but recognizing the language. Alba lifted her hood. “The end of the line came and went a long time ago, Rachel. Surrender or die.”

“Who says I can’t defeat you? My master killed your father.”

“And died doing it. Or maybe my father died killing your master? You can ask them yourself in a minute.”

Theodore stepped from six o’clock to seven to avoid crossfire as Rachel reached in her jacket.

“Wand ready, Alba?”

“They are.” Alba raised her two hands to meet Rachel’s one wand. Theodore did the same behind Rachel but he wouldn’t interfere unless she put civilians in danger.

Rachel let loose with an attack and Alba countered with one hand and blocked with the other. So it went for several minutes. Rachel was fast enough to keep up but with noticeable effort. She couldn’t keep up this pace and soon it would be over. Rachel knew it, too. Her eyes changed. She was thinking more than she could afford to, plotting something. She tried to teleport, phasing into steam and flying for the wall, but the barrier Theodore had set up earlier lining the walls and exits blocked her. She did make it a few feet, though, and took advantage by turning on Theodore. She sent one attack, but, instead of following it up with another, she then turned towards a tunnel. By the sound, another train was coming and as soon its nose made an appearance, Rachel attacked the tracks in front of it sending it up and towards Theodore.

“Got it,” Alba yelled and teleported herself on top of the train. She lay flat spreading her body across and teleported again taking the front of the train with her. The whole front of the thing phased to smoke and she focused on pulling it up and over and back on the tracks. They landed but they went in the tunnel and past the barrier before she could get off. She had to jump to the roof, rush chakra to her hands and feet to stick on, crawl back to the station and jump back to the landing behind Theodore.  Fortunately, they were both still gawking at the rest of the train as each section continued to enter the station, leap off the tracks, phase, loop, and land on the tracks like a kinetic sculpture she had left behind.

Rachel turned and attacked but Alba blocked and countered. This time Rachel was too tired to get there in time. The counter hit its mark and cut Rachel in half.

“You know everyone on that train is going to puke,” Theodore said.

Alba raised her hand to a transformer and lightening bolted out and fired it. The lights in the station flickered but stayed on.

“Electromagnetic disturbance. Those make people nauseous, right?”

“So I’ve heard.”

“It’s more logical than the truth. They’ll latch on to it,” she said and raised her hand to the security camera thinking to insert code to loop the minutes before they arrived thus erasing the altercation but Theodore stopped her.

“I handled that when we stepped off the train.”